Meta set to launch Instagram Threads amid Twitter turmoil

CALIFORNIA: Meta is all set to launch Instagram Threads, a direct competitor to Twitter, on July 6.

The app, which appeared on the Apple App Store ahead of the launch, is described as a “text-based conversation” platform where communities can discuss a wide range of topics.

Users can connect with their favourite creators and share their ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world. The launch comes amidst a mass backlash against Twitter, which has recently imposed viewing restrictions and experienced technical issues.

Threads will allow users to log in with their Instagram handle and follow their existing contacts. The interface appears similar to Twitter, with features like reposting, liking, and limiting who can reply to posts.

The launch of threads is seen as a strategic move by Meta to capitalize on Twitter’s recent issues, including new tweet viewing limits imposed by CEO Elon Musk and a shift towards a paid model for TweetDeck, a tool widely used by businesses and news organizations.

The launch of threads is expected to intensify the competition among platforms like BlueSky and Mastodon, which are also vying to replace Twitter. However, privacy concerns might be a deterrent for some users, as the Threads app can collect data related to health, financial information, contact information, browsing history, location, and purchases.

The launch of Instagram Threads is seen as a significant move in the social media landscape, and it remains to be seen how it will be received by users and how it will impact Twitter’s user base and future strategies.

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