Children of army martyrs visit Jinnah House

LAHORE: Children of Pakistan army martyrs whose memorials were defiled during the May 9 riots visited the Corps Commander House, also known as Jinnah House on thursday.  

Jinnah House was one of the many military properties attacked during the riots. 

A statement issued to the media states that the visitors expressed profound sorrow over the physical damage to the property as well as the symbolic disrespect to the memory of soldiers upon seeing the dilapidated condition of Jinnah House.

They questioned the disregard towards the sacrifices of their fathers while emphasizing that the fallout of the riots was “deeply distressing” according to the statement that adds that the visitors also demanded accountability of those involved in the incident from authorities.

“The son of Ahmad Hassan Shaheed asked the Chief Justice and the government to bring the responsible individuals to justice,” according to the press release

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