Islamabad police round up 200 Afghans

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police rounded up 200 Afghan nationals during a special crackdown on Thursday. The crackdown follows the Ministry of Interior’s instructions to tighten law enforcement measures in the wake of the May 9 riots.

Police sources say the detained suspects will be prosecuted under the Foreigners Act, adding that a significant number of them are suspected for involvement in the attacks on May 9.

In response to this, an audit of Afghan settlements in Islamabad has been initiated to determine the number of Afghans illegally residing in different areas of the federal capital. The data of Afghan nationals and their settlements will be sent to the interior ministry for further action, sources said.

The police have also contacted the National Database and Registration Authority to seek the data of Afghans living in the city to ascertain their exact number.

Meanwhile, a senior police official said no such operation was conducted when approached by HUM News English for a comment.


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