Pakistan ahead of India in Nuclear Security Index 2023 ranking

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has strengthened its ranking for countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials, shows an index issued by a nuclear watchdog.

The Nuclear Security Index 2023 said Pakistan improved its overall score by 3 points since 2020 to jump to 49, far better than India, Iran and several other countries.

India stands at 40 points with no change while Iran dropped three points to reach 29.

The 2023 NTI Index includes a separate Radioactive Source Security Assessment that assesses national policies, commitments, and actions across 175 countries and Taiwan to secure radioactive sources and prevent a dirty bomb. The assessment does not score or rank countries and areas.

The NTI Index is a ground-breaking assessment of nuclear security conditions in countries and areas around the world. Developed in partnership with Economist Impact (EI), it uses publicly available information to track progress on nuclear and radiological security across the countries.

Pakistan scored high 100 in Domestic Commitments and Capacity, 57 in Security and Control Measures and 44 in Global Norms, and 19 in Quantities and Sites.

In overall score for security of materials, Australia ranked first followed by Switzerland and Canada on second and third slots

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