Pakistan could play role in Ukraine-Russia peace talks

ISLAMABAD: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said that his government desires to further strengthen ties with Pakistan and seeks help for peaceful solutions to the Ukraine-Russia war.

He said that the country wants “to enhance our friendship and visits to Pakistan and other neighbouring countries with an aim to bring stability to the region.”

In an exclusive Interview on a private news channel, he emphasised the importance of Pakistan-Ukraine bilateral relations, especially in the field of defence. Both the nations’ defence capabilities can improve as a result, he said.

He also highlighted how before the war, thousands of Pakistani students were studying in Ukraine, and only two years ago Ukrainian traders sought the help of Pakistan for ending flour and food-related crises.

The foreign minister further hailed Pakistan for maintaining a neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict despite pressure from the West to take sides. He said Pakistan can play a role in peaceful dialogues between Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office (FO) has said that it hopes the conflict will end soon, on the basis of constructive dialogue and communication.

“Both Russia and Ukraine are our friends,” FO Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said during her weekly presser. Referring to the recent flurry of visits between Pakistan and Russia, she said, “we have a close relationship with the Russian Federation”.

Pakistan’s neutral stance is due to its diplomatic obligation to maintain balance in ties with major world powers.

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