PML-N adopts stricter party discipline, warns against criticizing leaders


LAHORE The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has reinforced its commitment to party discipline, with a clear message that party members should refrain from openly criticizing leaders and party policies.

In a recent meeting of the PML-N’s top leadership, crucial decisions were made, including a warning that individuals who publicly criticize leaders may be denied party tickets in the forthcoming general elections.

Media reports indicate that this meeting of PML-N’s senior leadership led to the formulation of important guidelines, setting the tone for party conduct in anticipation of the return of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif.

While the party values internal debate and discourse, leaders are now encouraged to air their disagreements and concerns within party meetings. Expressing points of disagreement outside of these meetings on any public platform is strongly discouraged, as per the reports.

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Furthermore, it has been made explicitly clear that party policies should not be criticized through electronic or social media channels, and stern measures will be taken against leaders who fail to adhere to this directive. The meeting also decided that leaders violating the party’s discipline will receive a show-cause notice as an initial response. In more severe cases, leaders who persist in such behavior may even be denied party tickets for participation in elections.

This pivotal decision aims to maintain party cohesion and minimize discord within the PML-N, and the top leadership has conveyed these instructions to all party members. The party hopes that this move will deter disgruntled leaders from undermining party unity by publicly criticizing their fellow members.

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