UK Met Office issues warning for Storm Ciaran, posing a ‘potential threat to life’

Storm Ciaran warning

WEB DESK: The United Kingdom (UK) Met Office has issued a warning about Storm Ciaran, indicating gusts of winds up to 80mph while acknowledging the ‘potential threat to life’ that these strong winds may pose.

The progression of heavy rainfall towards the north could exacerbate existing flooding problems. The weather can potentially disturb travel in certain areas, so it is recommended to remain updated with the latest information.

Roads, bridges, and railway lines could potentially shut down, and transportation services, including trains and planes, might encounter delays. Portions of the Co Down city of Newry are currently experiencing flooding due to substantial overnight rainfall, even before the arrival of Storm Ciaran on the shores of the UK and Ireland.

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Storm Ciaran, pronounced as Keer-on, is swiftly intensifying as it approaches the UK later on Wednesday. Through a process known as explosive cyclogenesis, the low-pressure system is projected to deepen by more than 24 millibars within 24 hours.







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