126,066,874 Pakistanis will cast vote in the upcoming general elections

ISLAMABAD: With the 2023 general elections just around the corner, The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) issued data on the registered voters for the forthcoming elections earlier today. 

As per the data, the number of voters in the country has reached 126,066,874 with 68,099,615 male and 57,967,259 female voters, comprising of 54.02 per cent and 45.98 per cent of the total votes respectively.

The number of voters in Islamabad stands at 1,035,387. Punjab, with the biggest electoral chunk, has 71,606,378 voters, Sindh 26,529,136, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 21,621,211, while and Balochistan has 5,274,761 voters.

The number of voters between age 18 and 35 is 56,196,479 while those between 36 and 55 stand at 45,886,944. Meanwhile, the number of voters aged 66 and above is 12,090,816.

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