US pledges $4 million aid for anti-terrorism training in Pakistan

US terrorism

QUETTA: US Ambassador Donald Bloom has unveiled a significant initiative aimed at fortifying Pakistan’s counter-terrorism capabilities.

During his visit to Quetta, Ambassador Bloom announced a vital aid package amounting to $4 million, specifically directed towards enhancing the capacities of Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies through targeted training.

The allocated funds will be dedicated to bolstering the skills and expertise of the country’s law enforcement personnel, with a particular focus on training programs.

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Furthermore, a portion of the financial support will be earmarked for the education and training of an additional 800 individuals, contributing to the overall strengthening of Pakistan’s anti-terrorism efforts.

Ambassador Bloom underscored the United States’ steadfast commitment to supporting Pakistan’s economic development and highlighted the collaborative endeavors between the two nations in reinforcing security measures for the benefit of the Pakistani people.

The announcement signifies a crucial milestone in the ongoing partnership between the United States and Pakistan, demonstrating their joint commitment to addressing the pressing issue of terrorism.

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