‘Boycott Stranger Things’: Noah Scnapp under fire for “Zionism is sexy” sticker

Stranger Things

WEB DESK: In a recent video posted on his social media platform, 19-year-old actor Noah Schnapp, known for his role as Will Byers in the popular series Stranger Things, has ignited a social media storm.

The video, originally shared by Popbase, shows Schnapp and friends distributing stickers with controversial slogans such as ‘Hamas is ISIS’ and ‘Zionism is sexy.’

The clip quickly went viral, amassing over four million views, and sparked a heated debate on the micro-blogging site. Many expressed their frustration and anger over Schnapp’s actions, calling for a boycott of Stranger Things ahead of its final season in 2024.

Notable author and columnist Fatima Bhutto criticised Schnapp on the same platform amidst Israel’s ongoing military operation against Palestinians.

Addressing the slogans on the stickers, Bhutto remarked, “It would be hard to find an unsexier group of people to advertise a less sexy cause. Premature babies are being pulled from incubators thanks to Israel.”

Bhutto continued, stating, “Zionists are shameless and grotesque in their celebration of genocide,” accompanied by the hashtag for boycotting Stranger Things.

Joining the chorus of critics, singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui, a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, responded to Schnapp’s use of the term “sexy” in relation to Zionism by labeling Zionists as “necrophiliacs.”

In a quote reply, she expressed her disbelief that anyone would use such language in the midst of a conflict, condemning it as a celebration of bloodshed.

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Jauregui further stated, “I’ve heard so many soldiers and Zionists threaten rape or wish it upon those of us who have enough humanity to show up for the Palestinian people in solidarity. It’s a power tactic (women know this). It is a tool of genocide. It is a tool of colonization, they do it ALWAYS.”

Some social media users raised concerns about the apparent double standards in censorship, highlighting the potential repercussions faced by others expressing solidarity with Palestine compared to Schnapp’s seemingly unchecked remarks about Israel’s actions.

One post questioned the wisdom behind Schnapp’s video, even if he stated with the loss of Israeli lives, pointing out, “Even if – IF – he believes this is a legitimate war, why is he making light of it like this? Laughing with his friends about it and posting it to Instagram? Does he not respect even the Israelis being killed?”

This controversy follows Schnapp’s earlier statement after Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel in October, where he asserted that standing with Israel is the only right choice, stating, “You either stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism. It shouldn’t be a difficult choice. Shame on you.”

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