Kangana Ranaut to be sued by BJP leader

NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mayank Madhur has announced to take legal action against actress Kangana Ranaut for alleged role fraud in her upcoming aerial thriller Tejas.

Madhur claimed that the Manikarnika actor promised him a role in the movie in exchange for his favours but was left empty-handed.

According to Madhur, Ranaut not only reneged on their agreement but also failed to compensate him for his services. He alleged that he played a significant role in connecting Ranaut with politicians, including Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

“Ranauat’s meeting with the defence minister was supposed to last just 10 minutes but ended up lasting nearly two hours because of me. Furthermore, I assisted Ranaut in getting authorization to film Tejas on Air Force bases, which she was unable to do on her own,” he claimed.

Tejas, directed by Sarvesh Mewara, showcases Ranaut in the lead role as Air Force officer “Tejas Gill.” Slated to be released in October, the movie follows the journey of a courageous pilot and the valiant soldiers who defend the country.

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