Wasim Akram reveals fitness regimen, morning routine up-close

WEB DESK: Cricket legend Wasim Akram took to his Instagram to respond to fan queries about his breakfast and morning routine.

In a revelation filled with healthy food and fitness focused activities, Wasim Akram employed his usual serious-then-sarcastic tone to respond to the questions about his breakfast.

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Here’s what he had to say:

Akram divulged he kicks off his day promptly at 6:30 AM. Then as part of his health regimen and to maintain his blood sugar level – since he is a diabetic – the cricket maestro reportedly administers six shots of insulin.

To fuel his mornings, Akram then indulges in a steaming cup of coffee, setting the tone for the day ahead with a burst of caffeine. He then went on to tell about his outdoor activities which include dropping his daughter Aiyla Sabeen Rose Akram to school and then embarking on a brisk walk.

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As the sun rises, it’s time for Akram’s power-packed breakfast. The menu includes low-fat yogurt, a hint of bananas, succulent blueberries, energizing muesli, and a sprinkle of raisins. Akram shows the said foods in front of him, as set on the table by his wife Shaniera.

After refueling with a nourishing breakfast, Akram wastes no time and heads straight to the gym, where he’s seen sweating it out and pushing his limits, embodying the spirit of dedication and determination.

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He brings the short clip to an end in his signature sarcastic style that those who want him to say how he eats heaps of naan and nihari, he is not going to do that because that’s not what he eats.

Here’s the Instagram clip:

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