‘Another promise fulfilled’, PM on arrival of first Russian oil cargo

ISLAMABAD: Following the arrival of the first crude oil ship from Russia in Karachi, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the has fulfilled another promise to the nation.

The 183-meter-long Russian vessel, Pure Point, carrying 45,000 metric tons of oil, docked at Karachi port on Sunday.

The premier said in a tweet: “Today I have fulfilled another promise I made to my nation. I feel very happy to inform that the first batch of crude oil purchased from Russia at a discounted price has reached Karachi.”

“Today will be remembered as a historic day in history. Today we have taken the first and most important step towards prosperity, economic development, energy security and low cost fuel supply,” he added.

He said the crude oil shipment is the first from Russia to Pakistan, adding that it showcases the beginning of a new chapter in the relations between the two countries.

The PM appreciated the efforts of “all those who participated in the completion of this national initiative and played their role in turning the promise of importing crude oil from Russia into reality”.

Unloading of crude oil from the newly arrived cargo will start from Monday. The arrival of the vessel comes just before the expected landfall of cyclone Biparjoy.

The crude oil will be delivered to Oil Pier II at Karachi Port.

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