Exams in Karachi cancelled as thousands are evacuated to safety

Karachi: The Sindh government has initiated  a string of safety measures in the wake of the fast approaching BIPARJOY cyclone.

The measures announced separately by Chief Minister (CM) Sindh Murad Ali Shah, Commissioner Karachi, Muhammad Iqbal Memon and Adviser to CM on Karachi, Mutaza Wahab include the process of evacuating more that 50,000 residents to safety, cancellation of exams and social events, and monitoring the drainage system.

Shah acknowledged that some citizens have already sought shelter with their relatives living in safer areas while others were being accommodated in designated safety camps by tonight. “The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has also been activated to address the possible challenges associated with the cyclone,” he said.

According adviser to the CM on Karachi, the city government has initiated efforts to remove all billboards throughout the city to minimize potential hazardsand have cautioned that the direction and intensity of the cyclone may change as it approaches the region.

Authorities have predicted that Karachi could experience approximately 60 mm of heavy rainfall accompanied by gusty winds is already affecting Badin and the coastal areas and have urged citizens to remain at home with doors and windows closed.


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