LHC dismisses petition to declare detention of Khadija Shah, others illegal

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) dismissed the petitions filed by Khadija Shah and others, on Wednesday, seeking to declare their detention illegal in relation to the events that took place on May 9.

A two-member bench, comprising of Justice Ali Baqar Najafi and Justice Amjad Rafique, issued a 26-page written judgment on the petitions of Khadija Shah, Huma Saeed, Rizwan Zia, and Zubair Malik.

The bench noted that “the law is taking its course, and the detention of the petitioners cannot be declared illegal at this stage. The legal process cannot be bypassed.”

The individuals involved in the events of May 9 have been identified, according to the bench. The unfortunate incidents exposed the intolerance and dangerous fanaticism of an agitated mob. The events on May 9 also posed a challenge to the judicial system, as such vandalism in Jinnah House had not been witnessed by the public before.

The LHC remarked that the public’s anger was directed towards the civil and military leadership, but the events of that day remained inexplicable. However, the state had a duty to defend itself.

The court acknowledged that the accused individuals possess legal rights that are protected by the courts. The best course of action for the petitioners at this time, the court stated, is to abide by the legal procedure. Bypassing the procedure would not be advantageous for the petitioners.

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