Pakistan Army among most powerful forces in the world: new list reveals

WASHINGTON: In a recent announcement by the World News Agency, Global Firepower, a renowned international website, revealed its annual list of the 145 most powerful countries globally, showcasing Pakistan in the distinguished top ten.

Global Firepower meticulously evaluates nations based on 60 key elements, encompassing factors such as geographical significance, military unit numbers, and economic conditions. The resulting index rating represents the overall might of each country’s armed forces.

This year’s released index positions the Pakistan Army in an impressive ninth place among the world’s 145 most potent military forces, boasting an index rating of 0.1711.

The United States secures the top spot with a remarkable index rating of 0.0699, followed closely by Russia in second place and China in third, with index ratings of 0.0702 and 0.0706, respectively.

India and South Korea claim the fourth and fifth positions in the index, while the United Kingdom, Japan, and Turkey follow at sixth, seventh, and eighth places, respectively. Italy rounds off the top ten.

Global Firepower also highlights the weakest forces on the list, identifying Bhutan, Moldova, and Sreenium as the countries with the least military might.

This annual ranking serves as a comprehensive global assessment, acknowledging the strength and capabilities of each nation’s armed forces, with Pakistan standing tall among the world’s military powerhouses.


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