PM Shehbaz inaugurates LIMS to modernise agriculture sector

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday inaugurated the Land Information and Management System (LIMS) – Centre of Excellence, a joint project of the government of Pakistan and the Pakistan army, to modernise the agriculture sector and enhance food security and agri exports in the country.

The inauguration ceremony was held in Islamabad and was attended by Army Chief Gen Asim Munir, ministers of finance, defence, planning development and special initiative, national food security and research, information, chief secretaries of provincial governments, agricultural experts and senior army officials.

According to a statement issued by the government, the objective of the establishment of LIMS was to increase food security and agricultural exports and reduce the burden on the national exchequer by reducing imports.

The statement said that LIMS will help transform millions of acres of uncultivated and low yield land across Pakistan into productive farmland by using innovative technologies and sustainable precision agricultural practices based on agro-ecological potential of land.

The statement added that LIMS will also ensure the well-being of rural communities and preservation of environment by providing them with real time information on weather changes, satellite monitoring of crops, water, fertilizer and spray usage, as well as direct access to markets through an efficient marketing system.

The statement further said that LIMS will help in reducing domestic agricultural imports, increasing exports and meeting the food needs of the growing population and food security in Pakistan.

According to the World Food Programme, 36.9 per cent of Pakistanis are food insecure and 18.3 per cent face severe food crises.

The statement said that several projects under LIMS are partnered with Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Bahrain, which will definitely increase Pakistan’s agriculture exports.

The statement also said that new canals will be built to store flood water besides the latest irrigation techniques like modular drip irrigation, sprinkler and pivot irrigation will be implemented under LIMS.

The prime minister appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan army and the relevant ministries for launching this unprecedented project and said that it will revolutionize the agriculture sector in Pakistan.

He said that LIMS is a manifestation of his government’s vision to make Pakistan a self-reliant and prosperous country in terms of food production and export.

He said that LIMS will also create employment opportunities for millions of people in rural areas and improve their living standards.

He urged all stakeholders to work together for the successful implementation of LIMS and to make it a model for other countries to follow.

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