Punjab govt lifts ban on Avastin injection that caused vision loss

Avastin eye injection

ISLAMABAD: The Punjab government has announced its decision to lift the ban on the use of Avastin injection, which was previously suspended after reported cases of blurry vision among patients in the province.

This move comes after a comprehensive safety evaluation and verification process.

The Punjab government had initiated a thorough investigation into incidents of patients experiencing vision problems after receiving locally manufactured “Avastin” injections at various healthcare facilities within the province.

DRAP authorities raid pharma distributors, recover banned Avastin injections

A five-member committee was formed to assess the situation.

Immediate restrictions on the use of Avastin were imposed in Punjab when multiple cases of blurry vision came to light.

 Subsequently, the Punjab Health Department took action by sending six Avastin injection samples to the Drug Testing Lab in Lahore and two samples to the Drug Testing Lab in Karachi in response to concerns raised by the affected individuals.

The decision to declare the eye injection safe for use was made following a battery of rigorous tests conducted at both the Lahore and Karachi laboratories, encompassing assessments of quality, safety, chemical composition, and other key factors.

The Punjab caretaker government has now suspended Avastin injection recall notices, giving the green light for the release of four specific batches into the market.

After a high-level meeting of the Punjab Quality Control Board, it has been determined that three batches of Avastin 100 mg and one batch of 400 mg have been deemed safe for administration.

The Drug Testing Lab in Lahore has independently verified the safety of these four batches, further affirming their suitability for use.

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