Shehbaz calls for fair distribution of resources


Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday called for empowering communities through provision of better health and educational facilities to unlock their true potential

In his message on World Population, Shehbaz Sharif pointed vast disparity between a burgeoning population and scarce resources.

Highlighting the importance of managing population growth for socio-economic development, Sharif said no country, howsoever resourceful, can deal with population explosion.

“Thus drawing a balance between population and resources is fundamental to the fulfilment of the needs of teeming millions,” he said.

Calling for empowerment of women and an end to discrimination in line with this year’s theme ‘Unleashing the power of gender equality’, Prime Minister said gender equality was not just a human rights issue, but also an economic requirement.

Identifying climate change, geostrategic upheavals and dysfunction of markets as major impediment in achieving Millennium Development Goals,Shehbaz said concept of development was not abstract but rooted in welfare of people.


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