Punjab govt to cover fees for top-performing students

Maryam Nawaz with position holder matric students

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Maryam Nawaz has pledged to cover the educational expenses of students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance.

This initiative aims to encourage higher education among top-performing students.

During a ceremony held in Lahore today, where she met with the high achievers from the Lahore Board, CM Maryam expressed immense pride and joy in the talent and capabilities of the students.

She awarded cheques of three hundred thousand rupees to the first position holders, two hundred thousand rupees to the second position holders, and one hundred thousand rupees to the third position holders.

CM Maryam on workers’ rights

In addition to her educational commitments, CM Maryam reiterated the government’s dedication to safeguarding workers’ rights.

During a Labour Department performance review meeting held in Lahore today, she made several significant announcements to enhance the welfare of workers in the province.

CM Maryam emphasised the importance of implementing safety protocols and providing necessary safety gear for sanitary staff.

She also directed the allocation of 1,224 complimentary residences for labourers in Taxila and Sunder Labour Colonies.

Moreover, she instructed the immediate settlement of outstanding death and marriage grants amounting to six billion rupees for 29,000 labourers.

Approval was also granted for the construction of two hostels for female labourers at Garment City, which will provide complimentary lodging for 704 women in Sheikhupura.

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