Zaka Ashraf assumes charge as chairman PCB management committee

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) former chairman Zaka Ashraf on Thursday assumed charge as chairman PCB management committee.

On his arrival at the PCB headquarters in Lahore, Ashraf was received by cricket board officials.

Ashraf would shortly chair the meeting of the newly formed 10-member management committee approved by the Cabinet Division through a circular on Wednesday.

“The Cabinet Division considered the summary submitted by the Inter-Provincial Coordination Division, which was circulated in terms of rule 17(1)(b) read with rule 19(1) of the Rules of Business, 1973 for ‘Appointment of Management Committee and Election Commissioner of Pakistan Cricket Board’ and approved the proposal at Para 7 of the summary.”

The 10-member committee comprises of Zaka Ashraf, Kalim Ullah Khan, Ashfaq Akhtar, Muhammad Mussadiq Islam, Azmat Pervez, Zaheer Abbas, Khurram Karim Somroo, Khawaja Nadeem, Mustafa Ramday and Zulfiqar Malik.

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