Argentina vs Canada: Messi scores to land his team in finals

NEW JERSEY: In Argentina vs Canada match on Wednesday, the Latin American team secured their place in the Copa America final with a 2-0 victory over Canada in the semifinals at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, United States.

The match demonstrated Argentina’s strength as a formidable team and prowess under coach Lionel Scaloni, especially with Lionel Messi scoring his first goal of the tournament.

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Julian Alvarez opened the scoring for Argentina. Meanwhile, Canada’s Jonathan David and Jacob Shaffelburg showed promise in the beginning, but they were unable to convert their chances into a proper goal.

Argentina maintained control throughout the game and so had more opportunities to score. Messi played a critical role in setting up attacks with Alvarez, who showcased his goal-scoring abilities.

In the early stages of the second half, Messi capitalised on a rebound from Enzo Fernandez’s shot to score the match-deciding second goal.

Argentina maintained a strong defensive stance throughout the game, limiting Canada’s chances to score a goal. Argentinian goalkeeper played a pivotal role by thwarting Canada’s efforts, notably making a crucial save from Tani Oluwaseyi’s shot.

Argentina’s victory has secured their place in the Copa America final, where they will face the winners of the Colombia vs Uruguay semifinal.

Despite their loss, Canada made history by reaching the semifinals for the first time. The North American team also displayed a strong performance throughout the tournament.

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Argentina now turns its attention to preparing for the final showdown in Miami.

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