Microsoft to add AI-powered tool for image generation in Paint

AI image generator tool in MS Paint

WEB DESK: Microsoft Paint is set to receive a significant upgrade with the introduction of a new tool known as Cocreator, bringing enhanced image generation capabilities.

This new feature, powered by sophisticated “diffusion-based algorithms,” enables users to generate images not only based on text prompts but also from their own doodles within the Paint application.

The development of AI-driven image generation within Paint has been an ongoing endeavor for Microsoft. Early versions of Cocreator have been in testing phases, accessible to developers and Windows Insiders since the autumn season. However, with the debut of CoPilot+ PCs, this feature is now officially part of the suite.

At a recent Surface event demonstration, Microsoft showcased the capabilities of Cocreator. The tool seamlessly merges user-created drawings with text prompts to produce visually engaging images.

Moreover, users have the flexibility to adjust the level of AI intervention through a “creativity slider,” offering control over the balance between automated generation and original artistic input.

Microsoft highlighted that the fusion of textual cues and individual brushstrokes facilitates quicker edits and enhances precision in rendering. This integration surpasses the capabilities of standalone text-to-image generators like DALL-E, providing users with a more refined and efficient creative process.

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