Apple updates video-editor “Final Cut Pro” with new features

Tech giant Apple introduced updated versions of its video editing software

WEB DESK: Tech giant Apple introduced new features for its video editing software “Final Cut Pro” for its iPad and Mac devices, incorporating advanced features aimed at bettering video production.

The “Final Cut Pro for iPad 2” by Apple was improved for the new iPad Pro with the M4 chip, offering significantly faster speeds and support for more “ProRes RAW” streams compared to its predecessor. ProRes RAW is a high-quality video format widely utilised in professional video production.

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One addition is the “Live Multicam” that will allow users to wirelessly connect and control up to four cameras. The cameras will be supported by the new “Final Cut Camera” app.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 received another significant upgrade tailored to exploit the power of the new iPad Pro equipped with the M4 chip. This improvement will result in better performance, facilitate faster rendering speeds and the capability to handle more ProRes RAW streams compared to its predecessor.

For Mac users, “Final Cut Pro 10.8” introduced artificial intelligence (AI) driven features such as “enhance light” and colour for automatic colour-correction. Similarly, the “Smooth Slo-Mo” features helps create smooth slow-motion effects.

The improvements leverage Apple Neural Engine (ANE) to improve performance. ANE is a specialiszed hardware component in Apple’s processors for proper handling of machine learning tasks.

The update also included improved project organisation tools, such as customisable naming for colour corrections and video effects, features that will allow the user to label and categorise editing adjustments.

It also improved timeline index navigation, tools that help editors locate specific clips in their project timeline. It expanded search capabilities using metadata like reel and scene information, which is enabling quicker access to specific elements within projects.

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Both versions are available as free updates for current users.

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