TikTok removes 10m videos of Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD: Popular social networking app TikTok removed over 10 million videos of Pakistani users from its platform between January and March 2023 according to its community standards and guidelines.

As per the company’s report, a remarkable 83 per cent of the removed videos from Pakistan were deleted before any user had a chance to view them.

The popular app has taken down more than 91.1 million videos worldwide during the time frame. This figure accounts for only 0.6 per cent of the total videos posted on the platform during the period.

The report highlighted a substantial surge in the number of worldwide deleted videos during the first quarter of 2023, surpassing the figures from the October to December 2022 period which was around 11.5 million.

Meanwhile, during the same period, TikTok purged more than 1.69 million 47 thousand accounts belonging to users under the age of 13 following the deletion of over 0.51 million fake accounts.

TikTok’s report urged uniform policies for all users, with meticulous content review based on the platform’s ‘Community Guidelines’.”

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