Metrix Pakistan and Youth Affairs KP Government Organized Youth Summit in Haripur

HARIPUR: The Metrix Youth Summit 2024, a collaborative initiative between the Directorate of Youth Affairs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Metrix Pakistan, ignited a fervour of innovation and empowerment in Haripur.

Hosted at the Haripur Tehsil Municipal Hall, the event gathered a diverse audience comprising students, government officials, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, fostering dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Esteemed speakers from renowned organizations including Microsoft, RankingGrow, Gigadevelopers, and Metrix Pakistan graced the summit, sharing their expertise and vision. Notable luminaries such as Ammad Ali, CEO of RankingGrow, Hassan Nisar, Founder and CEO of Metrix Pakistan, and Raja Ahmed from Microsoft, captivated the audience with insights into youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.


Jalal Rehman, an esteemed content creation expert, provided valuable strategies and guidance to aspiring creators, enriching the summit with his insights.

In an exclusive interview during the Metrix Youth Summit 2024, Hassan Nisar, Founder and CEO of Metrix Pakistan, shared insights into the significance of such gatherings.

Nisar articulated, “We are arranging these types of summits in this region to bring quality content and engagement opportunities for students, paving the way for a brighter future.”

A significant highlight of the Metrix Youth Summit 2024 was the High Achiever Awards segment, where individuals making exemplary contributions were honoured. District Youth Officer Sajid Afridi presented awards to outstanding achievers, including Ammad Ali of RankingGrow, Raja Ahmed of Microsoft, Khudija Qazi, a celebrated content creator, Haram Nadeem, Ibrahim Sheikh, Founder of Speaker Club Abbottabad, and other deserving recipients, acknowledging their dedication and impact.

The summit, driven by the theme of innovation and empowerment, underscored the commitment of the Directorate of Youth Affairs KP and Metrix Pakistan to nurturing talent and driving socio-economic progress in Haripur. Through collaborative efforts and meaningful engagements, the Metrix Youth Summit 2024 served as a catalyst for positive change, empowering youth to unleash their potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

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