SEF plays crucial role in retention of OOSC says Secretary SELD

Karachi (June 7th, 2024): The Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) of the Government of Sindh is expanding its Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program (AALTP) by establishing 200 more centers aimer to provide educational opportunities for adolescents and adults who have missed out on education, thereby reducing the number of out-of-school children.A contract signing ceremony held at FUTURUM, YPDC on Friday.

Secretary Sindh School and Literacy Department, Secretary College Education, Managing Director SEF, Educationist, SEF management and partners attended the ceremony.

In his opening remarks, MD SEF Abdul Kabir Kazi stated that the AALTP aims to provide accelerated formal primary education for vulnerable adolescents and basic functional literacy for adults, along with a certified skill development/vocational training course for each learner. This initiative is designed to offer various opportunities for human capital development and socioeconomic growth.

He added that they will make 30 non-functional FAS schools and one PSP school operational in the Mirpurkhas region. Post-primary education remains a significant challenge leading to many out-of-school children, which is why SEF is placing a greater emphasis on elementary schools.

Deputy Director of Special Initiatives, Naheed Abbasi, highlighted that SEF’s flagship program, Foundation Assisted Schools, is setting exemplary standards in the province. The program’s role in transforming education and setting benchmarks for quality and inclusivity.

Saima Siddiqui, Assistant Director of AALTP, announced the establishment of 200 additional learning and training centers in Sindh. At an event today, 114 offer letters were issued, with the remaining 86 to be issued next Monday. Currently, there are 145 centers across 18 districts. This expansion will extend coverage to 29 districts in Sindh, adding 11 new districts. This growth not only increases the number of centers but also expands their geographical reach significantly.

Secretary of Sindh Education, Zahid Ali Abbasi, stated that polio and the high number of out-of-school children are among the biggest challenges facing Pakistan. He emphasized that organizations like SEF are a blessing for the province, as their interventions are significantly helping to address these challenges. He commended SEF for its inclusive approach, benefiting all genders, and noted that their efforts are already transforming lives, with this milestone paving the way for even more opportunities.

Abbasi also announced that the next academic session will be collaboratively designed by SELD and SEF to enhance enrollment drives. The upcoming academic year will emphasize science education in Sindh, and schools will introduce evening shifts to accommodate out-of-school children, ensuring they have access to education.

Secretary of College Education, Sadaf Anees, praised the public-private partnership model of SEF, describing it as admirable and expressing an intent to implement a similar model in college education department. She said SEF’s efforts to address the issue of out-of-school children is a significant achievement.

In the closing remarks, Director HR and P&P Abdul Jabar Mari stated that they have achieved their set targets within the established timeframe. He expressed optimism that the Sindh Government’s commitment to NFE will yield positive results through a practical approach.

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