AI dominates tech landscape, Meta and TikTok lead engagement in 2023

Newswhip, an Ireland-based real-time media monitoring platform, has released a comprehensive report analyzing the tech and artificial intelligence (AI) coverage in 2023.

The findings indicate that Meta platforms, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, achieved the highest engagement, surpassing 25 million interactions. TikTok closely followed with an impressive 14.6 million engagements, solidifying its dominance in the short-video realm. Netflix secured the third position with 9.5 million engagements, while Apple stood at fourth place with 6.8 million.

Meta’s engagement was driven by celebrities utilizing its platforms, while Apple’s engagements focused on its entertainment service, Apple TV.

Amazon made waves with its platform sales and inventive branding efforts, including much awaited BTS biography.

Google’s top story revolved around the resignation of an AI-focused executive, underscoring the ongoing AI narrative.

The report also specified that AI has become a mainstream topic, with mainstream news publishers being the primary source of AI-related conversations.

‘Bloomberg’ emerged as the top website reporting on AI, closely followed by ‘Business Insider’. Elon Musk’s plans for a rival AI project generated substantial engagement, as did an article from Bill Gates’ blog, ‘GatesNotes’, discussing the revolutionary nature of AI.

In 2023, AI has experienced considerable growth, with ChatGPT and Open AI playing significant roles in driving the conversation and generating widespread engagement.

Each tech giant has adopted distinct approaches to their owned media, with Amazon employing humor, Microsoft embracing nostalgia, and Netflix actively leveraging TikTok to promote their shows and actors.

The report did not account for Twitter engagements, which can lead to an incomplete understanding of social media trends.

Including Twitter data can provide a more comprehensive perspective and help capture a broader range of user interactions and opinions.

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