Egypt: Cairo building collapse kills 9

Egypt: An apartment collapse in the Egyptian capital has killed at least nine people and injured four. Rescue efforts are ongoing. Officials say they do not yet know what caused the accident.

Nine people have been reported dead in a building collapse in CairoEgypt, on Monday.

The structure was a five-story apartment building north of central Cairo.

Police cordoned off the area as rescue teams continued their search into the day.

Egypt’s state-run MENA news agency said emergency services had recovered nine bodies from the collapsed structure.

Four survivors were taken to a nearby hospital.

Authorities also evacuated an adjacent building.

Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity said victims’ families would be awarded $1,940 (€1,730) each.

Officials said the injured would receive aid as well.

It is unclear what led to the collapse, though Cairo is infamous for its shoddy, improvised housing due to lax building code enforcementDW.

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