Extreme heatwaves to continue through August, WMO expert says

Extreme heatwaves to continue through August, WMO expert says

UNITED STATES, (Reuters): Heatwaves engulfing different parts of the world are expected to persist through August, an extreme heat specialist said on Friday (July 21), as temperature records continue to be shattered by sweltering conditions.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said earlier this week it expected temperatures in North America, Asia, North Africa and the Mediterranean to be above 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) “for a prolonged number of days this week as the heatwave intensifies.”

Southern Europe is grappling with a record-breaking heatwave during the peak summer tourist season, prompting the authorities to warn the population of an increased risk of health problems and even death.

Extreme weather has also disrupted the lives of millions of Americans, with dangerous heat stretching from Southern California to the Deep South. Sweltering heat has also hit the Middle East.

A senior Extreme Heat Advisor for the WMO John Nairn, told Reuters that due to climate change, heatwaves would not only become more frequent but also spread across the seasons.

Some countries including the 27-member European Union are hoping all nations will agree U.N. climate talks later this year to phase out the fossil fuel consumption causing climate change.

That notion has been rejected by countries rich with oil and gas.

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