Poland plane crash kills five

WARSAW: A small plane carrying three people crashed into a hangar at an airfield near the Polish capital Warsaw, killing five people including the pilot, official sources say.

Reports say that 13 people had been sheltering from bad weather in the hangar when the plane crashed into it. Apart from the five dead, eight people also sustained injuries.

Polish media identified the plane as a Cessna 208. According to reports, police were alerted shortly after 17:30 GMT.

Four helicopters and 10 ambulances were dispatched to the scene of the incident in the village of Chrcynno, located 47km from Warsaw.

The local fire department confirmed the incident had happened at an airfield in Chrcynno when they posted a photo on Facebook showing the tail of the plane sticking out of a hangar.

On investigation, the fire brigade said that poor weather conditions were a “probable cause” of the crash.

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