Car sales in Pakistan drop by 18.2 per cent

car sales in Pakistan drop

WEB DESK: Car sales in Pakistan plummeted by 18.2 per cent in the fiscal year 2023-24, according to the latest figures from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

The total number of units sold fell to 103,826, a stark contrast to the 126,878 units sold in the previous fiscal year.

However, June 2024 saw a remarkable surge in car sales, which soared by 120.2 per cent to 13,284 units compared to the 6,033 units sold in June 2023. On a month-on-month basis, June’s figures also represented a 21.3 per cent increase from the 10,949 units sold in May 2024.

Passenger car sales for the year dropped by 15.7 per cent, with 81,577 units sold, down from 96,811 units the previous year. Production of passenger cars also saw a decline, with 79,573 units produced in FY24, a 22.0 per cent decrease from the 101,984 units produced last year.

Breaking down the sales by category, the ‘Below 1000cc’ segment saw the highest number of sales, with 38,657 units sold in FY24. Suzuki Alto dominated this category with 35,883 units sold, followed by Suzuki Bolan with 2,774 units.

The ‘1300cc and Above’ category reported the second-highest sales, with 35,447 units. Toyota (Corolla & Yaris) led this segment with 16,305 units, followed by Honda Cars (Civic & City) with 11,501 units, Suzuki Swift with 5,567 units, and Hyundai Elantra with 1,193 units.

In the ‘1000cc’ category, a total of 7,473 units were sold in FY24. Suzuki Cultus topped the sales in this segment with 3,878 units, while Suzuki WagonR followed closely with 3,595 units.

These figures highlight the fluctuating trends in Pakistan’s automotive market, with significant monthly variations despite an overall annual decline.

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