Interbank closing: PKR depreciates by 12.75 paisa against USD

One US dollar to Pakistani rupee

WEB DESK: In Tuesday’s interbank session, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) depreciated by 12.75 paisa against the US dollar (USD), closing at PKR 278.50 per USD, down from the previous session’s closing rate of PKR 278.37 per USD.

During the trading day, the rupee recorded an intraday high of PKR 278.70 (bid) and a low of PKR 278.50 (ask).

In the open market, exchange companies quoted the dollar at PKR 277.70 for buying and PKR 280.15 for selling.

PKR versus other currencies

British Pound (GBP): The PKR weakened by 30.13 paisa, with the pound closing at PKR 354.35 compared to PKR 354.05 in the previous session.

Swiss Franc (CHF): The Swiss franc appreciated by 12.48 paisa, ending the session at PKR 310.44, up from PKR 310.32.

U.A.E Dirham (AED): The dirham saw a marginal increase of 3.47 paisa, closing at PKR 75.79, compared to PKR 75.82 a day earlier.

Saudi Riyal (SAR): The riyal gained 3.4 paisa, closing at PKR 74.26, up from PKR 74.23.

Chinese Yuan (CNY): The yuan experienced a slight depreciation of 1.63 paisa, closing at PKR 38.39, down from PKR 38.41.

Japanese Yen (JPY): The rupee strengthened by 0.29 paisa against the yen, closing at PKR 1.7699, compared to PKR 1.7728.

Euro (EUR): The rupee lost 22.06 paisa against the euro, closing at PKR 299.75, down from the previous rate of PKR 299.53.

The fluctuations in the exchange rates reflect the dynamic nature of the foreign exchange market and the ongoing economic conditions impacting currency valuations.

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