Army, FC deployed in restive Kurram


ISLAMABAD: Federal government has deployed additional army and paramilitary troops under Article 245 in the restive Kurram tribal district.

Reports said two groups, armed to teeth, exchanged fire and resorted to shelling over the simmering dispute which left 16 people dead and 50 others injured. The firing has been going on for last five days, starting in Boshehra Dandar, leaving people in the vicinity in a state of panic.

As many as 50 people were shifted to hospitals in the clash triggered by intense rivalry.

Federal Minister Sajid Toori said the tribes agreed to ceasefire but some insurgents had started the war again.

 Section 144 has already been imposed in the area.
People in the area are facing a shortage of food items, medicine and fuel due to the blockade of roads.

Educational institutions have been closed and normal life has been paralysed.

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