Aseefa Bhutto seeks relief for workers, farmers in budget

Aseefa Bhutto

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party leader Aseefa Bhutto has said that the country is facing poverty, unemployment, and climate change and these issues could only be overcome through unity.

Addressing the National Assembly’s budget session, Aseefa Bhutto, an elected member from Nawabshah, Sindh, emphasised the need for budgetary relief for workers and farmers.

“The country is currently grappling with poverty, unemployment, and climate change. Workers and farmers should get relief in the budget. The people of Pakistan deserve a better budget.”

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She highlighted the severe power shortages across the country, noting, “The people of Pakistan are facing 15 hours of load-shedding this summer. Fifteen to 20 hours of load-shedding in this heat is punishment.”

She called for a budget that supports the underprivileged, stating, “The budget should provide relief and subsidies to the poor, farmers, and labourers. It should not make the poor poorer and the rich richer.”

She echoed the president’s call for unity, asserting, “Together we can reject political divisions and make policies that meet the needs of the people. After the harvest, farmers often have no buyers. We must empower and support them. Sometimes they face floods, and other times, decisions to import wheat take a toll on them.”

Aseefa concluded with a hopeful message for a new era of politics focused on national development. “We can do justice to our position only by providing relief to the poor. There is hope for a new politics in which we will work together for the development of the country.”

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