Civil servants reject budget, demand salary raise

ISLAMABAD: The All Pakistan Clerks’ Association (APCA), teachers and other civil servants have rejected the proposed budget and demanded a 100 per cent raise in salaries.

In a statement, leaders of the Punjab Civil Secretariat Employees Coordination Council (PCSECC) have expressed their dissatisfaction over the current raise in salaries, claiming that the salary hike failed to match the soaring inflation.

The PCSECC members have called for a substantial 100% increase in salaries to cope with the back-breaking inflation.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Punjab Teachers’ Union (PTU) said that the promised made to them were fulfilled by the government and the current salary increment was ‘disappointing’.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Pensioners’ Benefit Association has said that the pension increase was inadequate, demanding a significant 50 per cent raise to make ends meet.

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