CNG supply resumes

Petrol prices

ISLAMABAD: In a welcome development for motorists, authorities have reinstated the supply of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), offering much-needed relief to the public.

The move comes as a cost-effective alternative, with CNG priced at a noteworthy Rs52 lower than the more expensive petrol.

The resumption of CNG supply has been initiated at stations across Islamabad and several cities in Punjab, making this eco-friendly fuel option accessible to the public at a competitive rate of Rs252.

The pricing reflects the tariff of imported gas, making it an economically viable choice for consumers.

Apart from the economic advantages, it presents a host of environmental benefits. Its affordability in comparison to petrol and gasoline is complemented by its cleaner emissions profile, significantly reducing harmful and heavy gases released into the atmosphere.

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The lightweight nature of compressed gas ensures it dissolves easily in the air, minimizing the risk of spreading on roads.

Unlike traditional fuels, CNG is designed to produce fewer carbon deposits and other toxins, thereby promoting engine longevity and reducing pollution in oil.

As authorities prioritize sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, the resurgence of CNG supply stands out as a positive step towards a greener and more affordable future for motorists.

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