Imran’s sister booked in another land scam case


LAHORE: The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has lodged yet another case against Uzma Khan, the sister of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The ACE spokesperson revealed that Uzma Khan stands accused of fraudulently acquiring 310 kanals of land in Jhang, which is estimated to be worth millions of rupees.

According to the spokesperson, two individuals who were involved in tampering with official records and falsely transferring the land to Uzma Khan have already been apprehended and taken into custody. Their arrest marks a significant step in the ongoing investigation.

Additionally, Uzma Khan and her husband, Ahad Majeed, have also been implicated by ACE in another case. They are accused of fraudulent practices in the purchase of a massive 5,261-kanal tract of land in Layyah, reportedly valued at billions of rupees. Astonishingly, the alleged purchase was made for a mere Rs130 million, raising suspicions of illicit activities and financial impropriety.

These latest charges add to the mounting legal troubles for Uzma Khan and raise concerns about corruption and fraudulent practices within influential circles.

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