Margalla Hills rape case turns out to be false

ISLAMABAD: In a shocking twist, the case involving a girl in Margalla Hills was false. The Federal capital police on Tuesday said that the girl’s medical report did not prove that she was subjected to rape.

As per the police, the matter was a fight between the suspect and his partner.

A police spokesperson stated that the suspect, Noman, had a heated argument with his accomplice, Anwar.

Anwar then hired a gang consisting of Saima, Sidra, Shakeel and Manzoor, for the purpose of taking revenge from Noman.

Anwar contacted Saima to falsely accuse Noman of rape. Saima then conspired with Sidra to execute a plan of staging a rape drama involving Noman.

According to the plan, Sidra was supposed to take Noman to Trail Three, where she would falsely claim to be a victim of rape and later take money from the family of Noman by blackmailing them.

However, Sidra’s accomplices couldn’t join them at the designated time. After waiting for a while, Sidra returned to Rawalpindi with the suspect.

Later, Sidra filed a First Information Report (FIR) at the police station and then went back to Sheikhpura.

When she was brought to the police station, she revealed all the facts and details of the plan in front of the magistrate.

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