Minister asks public to remain vigilant against spread of viral Infections

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Minister for Health Services Dr Nadeem Jan Saturday warned the public to remain vigilant against the spread of viral infections and assured the government is taking effective measures to control an outbreak of diseases in the country where it has constituted a committee of experts to look into the matter seriously.

Talking to a Private news channel, he said that the government-run hospitals are “on alert” to deal with cases of Conjunctivitis (Eye Flu), pink eye infections and vector-borne diseases like dengue virus.

He asked people to maintain good hygiene which includes washing hands and avoiding touching eyes with bare or unwashed hands, added, that infected people should maintain strict practices and keep separate their regular items such as towels and toiletries from others.

He said conjunctivitis is spreading fast in Punjab with hundreds of patients thronging hospitals daily due to the viral infection, adding that the scourge of dengue virus and eye infection will be controlled through collective efforts and coordinated strategy and though it is a difficult task but still achievable.

He further said that special dengue counters have been established in hospitals to provide the best treatment to the patients, adding, that awareness is a key to control the disease and all the stakeholders should continue their efforts to fight the disease.


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To another question, he said the present government was working to prepare a comprehensive strategy for the complete eradication of polio from the country, adding that for this purpose all available resources will be utilised.

He said that repeated immunizations will protect millions of children from polio, allowing almost all countries in the world to become polio-free, besides the two endemic countries.

To another question, the minister said the government is committed to improving quality healthcare infrastructure for national development, adding that the government will deal with quack doctors and fake medicines in the system.

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