Applicants face delays in getting passports despite paying urgent fees

Pakistan passport delay despite urgent fee payment

ISLAMABAD: A team from the Federal Ombudsman recently conducted a visit to the G8 and G10 passport offices, according to a spokesperson.

During the inspection, the Director-General of Passport services was reprimanded for causing delays, despite the payment of urgent fees by applicants, the spokesperson added.

In response to the persisting issue, the Federal Ombudsman’s team has issued a directive, mandating the payment of urgent fees to users experiencing delays in receiving their passports.

Furthermore, the team has instructed the home secretary to conduct a thorough review and address the ongoing problem of a backlog in passport processing.

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Highlighting the urgency of the situation, the Federal Ombudsman has ordered the implementation of effective measures at the G10 Passport Office in Islamabad.

It has come to light that citizens have been enduring months-long waits for their passports at the G10 office, prompting swift action from the ombudsman’s office.

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