PM for enforcing Army Act to combat counterfeit pesticides

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has emphasized the need to eradicate counterfeit pesticides, proposing the implementation of the Army Act if civil courts fail to effectively address the issue.

He expressed concern over the impact of fake pesticides on farmers and agriculture, highlighting their pivotal role in providing sustenance to millions of people in Pakistan.

Addressing a national seminar on food security organised under the “Green Pakistan Initiative” in Islamabad, the PM credited Nawaz Sharif’s tenure for successfully eliminating counterfeit pesticides.

He praised the tireless efforts of farmers, hailing them as the driving force behind Pakistan’s progress.

Sharif acknowledged the challenges faced by the agricultural sector and stressed the government’s duty to provide necessary resources for its development.

The PM emphasized the importance of continuous action and hard work in achieving sustainable development, stating that Pakistan had surpassed neighbouring countries and made significant strides in agricultural advancements during the 1960s.

He said that Pakistan’s notable achievements included increased production, the provision of energy seeds, and the construction of dams and canals, leading to an agricultural revolution in the country.

Sharif highlighted the significance of offering fair prices to farmers for their produce, as it directly impacts their motivation to increase production.

He emphasized the government’s responsibility to provide quality seeds, timely fertilizers, and effective insecticides. The PM expressed optimism for record-breaking wheat and cotton crops this year.

Recalling his party’s rule in Punjab from 1997 to 1999, Sharif highlighted the successful eradication of counterfeit medicines in the province.

He emphasized the detrimental impact of fake pesticides on hardworking individuals and welcomed the army chief’s suggestion to tackle the issue collectively. He urged the government, provincial administrations, and research centres to join forces in realizing this vision, stating that progress can only be achieved through collaboration.

Sharif, who is also the central president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, emphasized the importance of action over mere words in propelling the nation forward. He emphasized the need to reduce imports, avoid excessive borrowing, attract foreign investments, and modernize the agricultural sector.

Sharif stressed that political stability is essential for attracting investors and urged unity in building a prosperous Pakistan, highlighting the potential to generate employment opportunities for around 4 million people through these initiatives.

The prime minister expressed optimism for attracting 30 to 40 billion dollars of investment in the agriculture sector over the next four to five years, leading to significant improvements in the country’s agricultural economy. He pledged full support to the people and committed to restoring Pakistan’s position of strength.

The PM expressed gratitude to the army chief for his cooperation in this endeavour.

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