PM orders inquiry into work delay on Islamabad Model Jail

Islamabad Model Jail

LAHORE: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday chaired a meeting to review the progress of ongoing projects aimed at enhancing security and law and order in Islamabad.

During the meeting in Lahore, officials provided briefings on the current law and order situation in Islamabad, as well as updates on several key projects, including the Islamabad Model Jail, Islamabad Safe City, the Federal Anti-Terrorism Department, and the Special Protection Unit.

The briefing also covered the Islamabad National Facility Centres and the K-9 unit established for identifying and tracing narcotics and explosives.

“The protection of Pakistani citizens and foreigners in Pakistan is among the state’s top priorities,” the prime minister stated. He emphasised that any negligence in maintaining law and order and protecting citizens would not be tolerated.

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Prime Minister Sharif directed an inquiry into the delay in completing the Islamabad Model Jail and stressed the need to expedite the project, ensuring it meets modern requirements.

He also instructed the construction of a vocational training institute and a hospital within the Islamabad Model Jail.

For the formation of the Special Protection Unit, the prime minister suggested consulting Chinese experts.

Additionally, he ordered the establishment of a forensic lab in the Islamabad Safe City project on modern standards.

The prime minister emphasised the importance of recruiting manpower based on merit and ensuring that all security projects in Islamabad are equipped with technology that meets international standards.

The meeting was attended by Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi, Deputy Chairman of Planning Jahanzeb Khan, federal secretaries, and senior officers from relevant institutions.

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