Prince William’s solo attendance at friend’s wedding raises questions

CHESTER: Prince William was spotted attending the wedding of his friend Hugh Grosvenor to Olivia Henson at Chester Cathedral on Friday without his wife Kate Middleton.

Pictures appeared online that showed William’s arrival at the wedding with his head seemingly hanging low, stirring controversy around the British heir’s presence at the event.

Pictures appeared online that showed William's arrival at the wedding with his head seemingly hanging low, stirring controversy around the British heir's presence at the event.

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Meanwhile, the absence of his younger brother was quickly noted. Amid ongoing reports of tension within the royal family, Prince Harry’s absence sparked speculation. Reports indicate that King Charles and his wife, Camilla also opted not to attend the wedding, adding fuel to the speculation.

While Harry reportedly received a wedding invitation, the Duke of Sussex declined. Many speculate it was to steer clear of interactions with the royal family, particularly William.

The wedding itself was a lavish affair, reminiscent of a royal celebration. Crowds gathered outside amidst exquisitely detailed and elaborate floral decorations, exuding opulence throughout the entire ceremony.

The bride, Olivia Henson, made her arrival at the church in a vintage automobile, elegantly attired in a white gown and adorned with the tiara of her husband’s family.

Despite a momentary disruption caused by protesters, who discharged orange smoke, the celebratory atmosphere persisted.

Hugh Grosvenor and Olivia Henson were introduced by mutual acquaintances three years ago. The couple is extremely wealthy, with Hugh being a member of the British nobility.

Hugh holds the distinguished title of the seventh Duke of Westminster, which was established in 1874 by Queen Victoria. The dukedom stands out within the British peerage as the most recent non-royal title of its kind.

Hugh Grosvenor inherited the title in 2016, and his family maintains close connections with the British royal family. He is also the godfather of Prince George, son of William and Kate.

According to Bloomberg, the Grosvenor family is reportedly valued at $13 billion.

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Guests at the wedding included notable figures such as Princess Eugenie and members of the Grosvenor family. Prince William maintained a discreet presence during the event. The wedding guest list consisted of 400 invitees, comprised both close confidants and long-time friends of the couple.

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