Shoaib Akhtar gets stay against supposed biopic ‘Rawalpindi Express’

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has secured a stay order against the makers of his supposed biopic ‘Rawalpindi Express’.

Akhtar took to his social media and shared a screenshot of the legal notice, stating the filming and release of the supposed movie on any media platform will be illegal until the court decision.

Shoab Akhtar alleged that the filmmakers had threatened in writing to continue shooting despite the termination of the agreement between him and the production team.

In January 2023, the renowned fast-bowler distanced himself from the biopic, citing repeated “contractual violations.” Through his social media channels, Akhtar warned, “Severe legal action will be taken if the makers continue to make a biography film and use my name or life story events in any way.”

The legal notice served as a stern reminder that the movie was currently in dispute and subjected to litigation. It categorically stated that anyone involved in the production would be held accountable for their actions, and police raids would be conducted to halt any further filming.

‘Rawalpindi Express’, produced by QFilms and slated to be directed by Faraz Qaiser, also faced a setback when singer Umair Jaswal, set to portray Akhtar in the lead role, stepped back in January due to creative differences with the production team.

Previously scheduled for a November release, ‘Rawalpindi Express’ was poised to become the first foreign film about a Pakistani sportsman.

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