Terrorism in Pakistan surged 56% in 2023: Report reveals

suicide blast

PESHAWAR: The year 2023 has emerged as the deadliest year for Pakistan in terms of terrorism, with a staggering 56 per cent increase in the rate of attacks, according to the annual report released by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS).

Since the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan in 2021, Pakistan has experienced a gradual rise in the number of attacks, as highlighted in the CRSS report unveiled in Peshawar. Of the 586 reported incidents, a significant 84 per cent occurred in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

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In contrast, Punjab and Sindh remained relatively peaceful, reporting only 8 per cent of the total incidents in the country. The CRSS report pointed out that the increased violence in specific regions may be attributed to the influence and activities of various terrorist organisations.

According to the CRSS report, 17 per cent of the attacks were claimed by prominent terrorist groups such as TTP, Daesh, BLF, and others. Security forces responded robustly, conducting 197 operations that resulted in the killing of 545 terrorists.

However, the toll on civilians was severe, with approximately 100 individuals injured in violence against politicians during the year. The CRSS report further detailed that 31 per cent of the victims were civilians, 36 per cent were terrorists, and 33 per cent were security personnel.

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Suicide attacks, a brutal tactic employed by extremist elements, accounted for a significant portion of the violence. A total of 287 lives were lost in 31 suicide attacks nationwide during the year. Notably, Peshawar witnessed a grim toll, with 150 individuals killed in 19 suicide attacks targeting police and security forces.

Additionally, 135 lives were lost in 10 suicide attacks on civilians in Peshawar, highlighting the indiscriminate nature of the violence perpetrated by terrorist groups.

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