Unveiling the enigma: Why Gabrielle conceals her eye

Gabrielle often hides one side of her face with either an eye patch or a fringe, reminiscent of the emo style from the 2000s.

WEB DESK: Why does British singer Gabrielle conceal one side of her face, whether it be with an eye patch or, more recently, with a fringe draped across half her face, giving off vibes reminiscent of the most emo of emos from the 2000s?

The singer-lyricist has garnered attention for her consistent use of an eye patch, sparking curiosity among fans. While Gabrielle has largely remained tight-lipped about it, a recent interview unveiled the true reason: ptosis.

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The singer delved into her struggles with a condition characterised by drooping of the upper eyelid.

Gabrielle has grappled with ptosis since childhood, leading to corrective surgery and resulting in a shortened eyelid. In addition to the physical challenges posed by her condition, Gabrielle endured bullying and feelings of insecurity.

The singer has openly shared her discomfort about being in public without concealing her eye. Gabrielle’s decision to wear an eyepatch proved to be the perfect solution to gain confidence in her highly public career.

By concealing her slightly drooping eyelid, she felt empowered to engage in conversations without worrying about others noticing her condition. This newfound confidence had a significant impact on her interactions and played a role in her success in the music industry.

To grasp the significance of Gabrielle’s decision to wear an eye patch, it’s important to consider ptosis and how it affects those suffering from it. Ptosis can range in severity and may develop from birth or later in life due to various factors like aging, trauma, or underlying medical issues.

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For Gabrielle, wearing the eye patch represented a form of empowerment and self-expression. She encourages individuals facing similar challenges to embrace their uniqueness without fear of straying from societal expectations.

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