Abbasi’s desi Vampire “Count Abdulla” to make an appearance on June 15

Web Desk: Critically acclaimed director Asim Abbasi is all set to release his thrilling horror-comedy series ‘Count Abdulla’ on June 15th

The British-Pakistani filmmaker took to Instagram to drop the exciting news, announcing that the series will be available on British Online Video-on-Demand platform ITVX.

Written by Kaamil Shah and produced by Hussain Casey Ahmed, “Count Abdulla” revolves around the hilarious journey of Abdulla Khan (played by Arian Nik), a Muslim doctor in his mid-20s grappling with an identity crisis.

However, things take a hilarious turn after Abdulla is bitten by a vampire, setting the stage for a rib-tickling adventure.

Being released under the banner of Fudge Park Productions, it also stars Manpreet Bambra, Jaime Winstone, Nina Wadia, Sia Alipour, Moe Bar-El, and Priya Davdra.

Abbasi has already cemented his place in the global arena with his innovative storytelling and genre-bending creations. His previous works, such as the critically acclaimed drama film ‘Cake’ and the gripping crime-thriller series ‘Churails’ on Zee5, have garnered widespread acclaim. 

He is also the director of the highly anticipated series ‘Barzakh’ that premiered at the Series Mania Festival in Lille, France in March.

With his track record of pushing boundaries and delivering captivating narratives, Asim Abbasi’s ‘Count Abdulla’ promises to be a wild ride that seamlessly blends horror and comedy. Get ready to sink your teeth into the delightful chaos of ‘Count Abdulla’!

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