Angus Cloud has left ‘priceless’ artwork, says mother

Angus Cloud

CALIFORNIA: In the wake of sudden demise of actor Angus Cloud, his mother, Lisa Cloud, is taking legal action to safeguard her son’s estate and artistic legacy.

Angus Cloud, widely recognised for his role in the hit series Euphoria, may have left behind valuable artwork and personal property estimated to be worth approximately $1,000,000, although the precise value is yet to be determined.

Lisa Cloud, as revealed in court documents obtained by The Blast, aims to be appointed the executor of her son’s estate, as Angus passed away without a will. Notably, Angus Cloud was the face of various prominent brands, including Rockstar Energy Drinks and Ralph Lauren Polo.

She pointed out that some online companies are selling products with his picture without permission. She planned to take legal action against these unauthorised parties to safeguard her son’s image and prevent any illegal profiting from the late actor’s likeness in the public domain.

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Meanwhile, the court documents further highlighted the existence of numerous sketchbooks containing the late actor’s artwork.
“I am seeking to register copyrights for these works and safeguard other intellectual property rights and assets that Angus may have possessed,” Lisa stated

Angus Cloud’s sudden demise at the age of 25 occurred at his family’s residence in Oakland, California, on July 31. His passing came in the midst of mourning his father, who had passed away in May. Lisa had previously mentioned her son’s “art projects” and offered insights into his final moments.

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