Prince Andrew’s ex-wife ‘Fergie’ talks regrets

Sarah Fergie Ferguson

LONDON: Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, said she was “deeply sorry” for her past mistakes, in an episode of her new podcast “Tea Talks with the Duchess & Sarah”.

On the episode the Duchess of York, commonly known by her nickname Fergie, was asked by her co-host Sarah Thompson to speak on “how to build resilience”.

Fergie recounted her health struggles. Following a breast cancer diagnosis, she underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery last month.

She said the experience made her reflect on her past and the “terrible pain” she caused people in her life. “I often wish I could go back in time,” Fergie said.

Without specifying what she was referring to, she concluded: “Ignorance at the time of making the wrong decision… You do tend to worry about the ramifications of your actions… It’s just about being so incredibly authentic and saying hands up absolutely I could have been nicer whatever else now we move forward with strength.”

In the past, Fergie was often the victim of hounding by the British tabloid press and widespread ridicule.

Her friendship with Texan multimillionaire Steve Wyatt gained much publicity when photographs, including one of Wyatt with Sarah’s toddler daughter, appeared in newspapers in January 1992.

According to the Duchess, she found life as a royal family member extremely difficult. In her first five years of marriage she only saw her ex-husband 40 days a year because of his naval duties.

Their marriage had begun to break down in 1991 and they announced their separation on 19 March 1992.

Following the separation, the royal palace had announced that Sarah would no longer carry out public engagements on the Queen’s behalf. The royal family also refused responsibility for Sarah’s debts.

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